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The coreworks Affinity Insurance Platform

Quick Facts

  • Global Solution
  • Designed for Affinity
  • Direct Billing Interface
  • Managed Services
  • Low Cost
  • Puts you in Control
coreworks mobile phone insurance platform

Our coreworks affinity insurance platform has been designed and build by experts within the affinity and financial processing arena. Modular by design, analogous to an 'app store' coreworks is delivered to the desktop via a web browser as Platform as a Service(PaaS) enabling our clients to process high volume sales and claims from any geographical location.

Capable of managing massive schemes with thousands of users and Millions of Policies, but also economical for small schemes with just tens of thousands, coreworks combines modern web delivered applications with enterprise industrial strength background processing. Highly configurable and with its ability to be used in multi-languages (even across the same user base), coreworks enables you to eliminate the money pit of upfront IT development and operational costs and focus on the business of selling and claims administration.

  • Globally Deployable End to End Solution
    coreworks can be accessed securely anywhere in the world via a internet connected browser, meaning that you can locate resources where they are most effective. This gives you the ability to have front office call centres and back offices located in different countries. Coreworks is part of a family or suite of products, which when combined enable a end to end solution from policy sales & billing/premium collection to claims administration & settlement.

  • No Capital Investment required
    If you internally develop or purchase a license for software, you normally need to spend some money upfront. In most instances for complex process solutions the amounts are considerable. For internally developed software there is also the risk of the project failing to deliver for example standish research shows that only 29% of IT projects are sucessful.

  • Simple pricing structure
    Software is often priced to obfuscate the real price that is paid or the total/true cost of ownership (TCO). Our coreworks pricing has been created to be simple and transparent, to enable you to plan on a month by month basis, and pay according to how many active policies are maintained in coreworks.

  • Intuitive design = Low training costs
    We have decades of experience in design and build of software solutions within front office call centres and back office functions. Our aim is to use intuitive screen flows that guide the user through a process rather than the user having to have to be a black belt in the system use! We pride ourselves in solutions that adapt to the business rather than the other way around.

  • Multi-Language, Multi-Currency & Country Localization
    coreworks is a truly multi-lingual solution, enabling different language users to work across programmes, this means that a back office in Denmark could manage areas of a programme with a call centre in Brazil. Often people forget the complexity of multi-lingual systems, when need to have id mapping through drop down picker lists, date time and number format differences and different time zones.

  • Support and Maintenance included
    Our pricing includes support, maintenance and our rolling upgrade and version improvements. Out friendly and responsive UK based team provide telephone and email support to nominated users at no extra cost.

  • Industrial strength architecure and design
    Although you would think that this would be a given for financial services software providers, we know of many vendors whose designs and back-end are based on flimsy and almost hobbyist in approach. This is not the case of Xeinet - coreworks is designed and built by professionals who have worked in major banking and insurance corporations. We have build the coreworks platform using high volume designs that you might commonly find in high end trading environments.

  • Powerful Real Time Information and Analytics
    All policy, claims and feedback data is captured in real time by our core-analytics engine, enabling managers and supervisors to spot trends immediately and feel the data that is making the programme operate. Our to the tick real time dashboard enables drilling down to show policy sales and claim spreads together with the filtering of statues and types.

End to End Solution

The coreworks platform integrates with corebilling (our powerful billing and recurring payments platform), coreflow (document management and workflow), and core analytics (statistical capture and analytics engine). Our architecture provides a full end to end solution, this means that if required coreworks can manage policy sales to claim, fulfilment and reporting. The advantage of this capability is being able to launch a product into any market quickly and reducing (on in most cases eliminating) dependencies on 3rd parties.

Point of Sales

Although coreworks supports loading of polices from a 3rd party system output (bulk file or API), coreworks has full virtual terminal point of sales (POS) functionality enabling retailers, agents and other sales staff to create policies directly and take payment for the premium. Our corebilling platform is fully PCI complaint for card handling and will automatically re-bill where applicable. The POS process is a simple single screen providing item to insure selection, product rating, the capture of customer data and the processing of a payment. The POS screen also if required displays any policy documentation for print out. All connections between the POS screen and our background servers are 128 Bit Encrypted using SSL. Commission management (if enabled) allows sales to be tracked against specific users/sales people for commissions payable.

Intelligent Claims Management

Volume affinity insurance schemes require claims to be processed efficiently and effectively. To deliver this critical function our claims management processing module combines speed of input with intelligent first pass validation. Once a claim has been entered the details input are validated against key items such as items covered within the policy Terms and conditions and other items such as if the premiums are up to date and other background checks to determine any likelihood of fraud. Claims are then set to either a Red channel (further investigation required) or Green channel which can either move to an authorised or approval state or placed into a pre-approval state for final assessment. Our simple 1-2-3 approach to claims handling enables claims assessors to handle high volumes of claims without sacrificing the quality customer service.