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Platform as a Service (PaaS) Charging.

Recent advances in web technologies and broadband/internet speeds have enabled systems to be delivered as a service accessed via an internet browser. This is sometimes called Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS). We deliver coreworks, corebilling, and coreflow systems as PaaS Product. The advantages for our clients are:

  • No or very minimal capital outlay - over the last 8 years we have spent over $5 Million in the development, testing and implementation of our PaaS products. By using these services not only do you escape the significant upfront capital expense, but also eliminate any risk in building your own solutions (for example standish research concludes that only 29% of software projects are sucessful).

  • Predictable monthly costs - As we charge on a transactional basis, it is very easy for our clients to know exactly what they will pay for the service. As we are operating and managing the service for you to agreed levels you do not have to worry about unexpected software or infrastructure upgrade or failover testing costs, we do all this for you. You can concentrate on the bottom line. All support and maintenance is including in our monthly transactional charges.

  • Commercial bindings to deliver Success- Conventional software products where you buy to run on your own servers, is often is about buying a license, that is either perpetual or renewable annually. This model generally relies on the software vendor to keep selling licenses to new clients keep their income coming in. The PaaS model is about a partnership based on strong commercial bindings. In short if your business is not growing then we won't make much money, thus it is in our interest to grow a long and meaningful partnership with you.

Our PaaS products are specialist in their nature, however they can be customized and extended to cover a wide range of different product types. When we look at a prospective client's requirements, we think hard about how our solutions can work for them and if any changes could make their processes more efficient. In most circumstances we charge a configuration fee on small or new books of business, this is to pay for the time it takes to setup the platform and support any training and testing that may be required. This can vary considerably depending on actual requirements, but typically it is around $10-20K.

Our monthly transactional charging is based the functionality that is required and the volumes being proccesed.

For example our coreworks claims administration platform monthly transactional fee is priced from $0.05 per policy per month. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we should be able to provide you with some outline charging.

Conventional Software implementaion vs PaaS.

Example - A conventional installation;

  • Server purchases - (internal costs for x86 servers can be $10K~$25K with a 3 year life - assume 3)
  • Server configuration - O/S install and supporting configuration ($5K~$10K)
  • Licences - Operating systems and database licences ($60K)
  • Server Room or Data Center Costs - ($12K annually)
  • Internal support - including servers, database admin and 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd line ($45K annually)
  • Redundancy environments - failover infrastructure and backups ($25K)
  • IT management - project controls and management ($10K annually)

The above is based on our own personal experiences through managing and implementing many IT projects in corporate environments. A 5 year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the implementation and running of a conventional platform alone is over $800K. That does not include either the build costs (if developed internally) or licensing costs (if bought from a vendor), which in some instances can run into millions of dollars. Taking $1.5M as the development or license cost, the total TCO would be in $2.3Million. This does not value the software development risk which as mentioned above is considerable.

Example - Using coreworks as a service;

  • Configuration costs - (assume $25K inital charge)
  • Monthly charges for 100,000 policies - (assume $0.19 per policy for core functionality)
  • Contract management - ($10K annually)

The TCO for our PaaS solution on this example would be $1.2Million.

In the above worked examples using our PaaS solution would result in a net saving of $1.1Million over 5 years. Using coreworks as a managed service eliminates almost all internal IT costs, dramatically improving ROI.

Please contact us, we will be more than happy to discuss with you your requirments and provide indicative setup and monthly costs.